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Doubt it.

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1. lol, love. and commitment..
  lol, naaa    just heights. but damn can i Climb.

2.    where I find a “passion” for what I love to do then.       

3.    all of meh life. basically. the life i’d have if i never moved out here where I                  temporarily call “home”

4.    Successful.  Making and becoming something “huge” compared to my                     “humble beginnings.”. 

5.    Girls?  

  •             Her Eyes.
  •             Her Hair.
  •             Her Smile.
  •             Her Lips. 
  •             Her Cheeks.
  •             Her Dress and her flats.
    Then I guess, my eyes then somehow run down her entire length of her body and then they seem to slowly absorb all of her, from her tiny toes to her knees, to her thighs, round her curve to her waist, hehe, around her other curve, turn to her arms, to her hands and then back up to her face. 
    As if I had just seen the prettiest picture in the entire world, who would be right in front of me..

6.      Definately India.   Yes, I may be a little limited to what I could eat there, ha.
             Food. Clothes. COLOR.  Maybe get more of insight as to who like I actually am, cause the few that know where in India We, guyanese, came from are no longer..  Learn more about myself.    and Definately go to all the remote villages and towns, where there is one computer, if even, in the entire village and just teach.  And I don’t care how long I would be in India. A Year, or two.  4 or 5 months. half a year. any. but as long as I’ve left a lasting impact on the people i’ve interacted with.. 

 I know this will really happen.  This can go back to the 10 year thing. 
Maybe it’s 10 years, maybe within the 20 years from now.

just yes.  

I mean I can go to Guyana too, but I mean, Guyana will be more established then. Maybe even India will too, but we can’t tell the future, can we?

7.     Well, duh. Karan Singh Grover.    Those One direction faggots :P haha. 
          uh, My self and who I am yet to become….

8.        I guess how like “perfect ” I think I am.   I mean, y’all seen my blog. That’s basically my mindset and how I see things. 

9.      Cananananananananananannannananaduhhhhhhh. 
            From the East Ends of Toronto to The Norths of places that are                                      untouched. 
              Scarsborough to Kitchener.  

10.   Play some good ass songs.  Songs of my life.

  •    Drive.
  •    breathe.
  •    consume.
  •    phototake. 
  •    die.

11.  Simply that, I just do not know. 

ORIGINAL Questions (@meri-zindagi) :

  1. what is your biggest fear?
  2. what is your dream job?
  3. if you could relive any moment in your life what would it be, why?
  4. where do you see yourself in ten years?
  5. what is the first thing you notice about a person?
  6. if you could travel anywhere in the world where would it be?
  7. who is your role model?
  8. what is your best quality/trait (physical or personality-wise)?
  9. have you ever traveled outside of your home country? where?
  10. if you had 24 hours to live what is the first thing you would do?
  11. if you had the power to go back in time what would you do, what would you change?


  1. What is your biggest dream?
  2.  What is your ideal significant other? Like characteristics and traits and stuff.
  3. Where in the world do you want to travel to the most? Why?
  4. What is “mere sapno ki rani” to you?
  5. What are your all time favorite songs?
  6. Describe yourself.
  7. Who and what do you think others see you as?
  8. Who do you see a perfect life with right now?
  9. it’s 2014. What do you plan to cross off on your list of things to do this year?
  10. What are things no one knows about you?
  11. What is your deepest secret?
  12. What is love to you?
  13. Why is the first cut, the deepest?
  14. What is your favorite holiday? 


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